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I am now 5 days late on my payment to this company. I spoke with my account representative, Taylor, earlier this month explaining that I am experiencing financial hardship due to daycare and utility costs rising and wanted to see if there were any arrangements that could be made.

She said absolutely not. After I told her that I would be getting paid on the 25th she said she could extend it until then but if I didn't pay by that date it would "go into review". I asked what that meant and she would not elaborate. So, on the 19th (my payment is due on the 20th) she called to remind me of my payment.

She also sent me an email and a text. On the 20th she did the same thing. The third time she called, I was in a meeting and I answered to let her know that. She hung up immediately.

I called her back after my meeting to remind her of the conversation we had a the beginning of the month and she stated she had no recollection. I asked if I could make out some sort of arrangement for this month due to financial difficulties and she was unwilling to work with me. She did "get approval" for the payment to post on the 25th but after that it "was out of her hands". I just do not get this.

I have worked with many creditors and this isn't my first car loan. Even T-mobile works with me on payment arrangements. I had a car loan with GMAC and with Capital One on previous cars I have owned and never experienced this type of demanding harrassment on and before a due date as I have with this company. I am not saying I am a deadbeat that doesn't pay her bills, but I am a single mother of 3, battling child support, and having to come up with creative ways to ensure my bills get paid and everything remains "status quo".

I KNOW I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THIS SITUATION! What amazes me is their unwillingness to work with you, so what if your electric bill is due, so what if you have a child in the hospital, so what if you are in the hospital, so what if...THEY DON'T CARE, just pay them on the due date. WHICH I totally understand is important. HOWEVER, whether it is 1 to 10 days or even 15 days late, it isn't a month late, you are still paying them so...why are they such sharks?

I checked my contract from when I bought the car and it explicitely states that if a payment is 10 days past due a $15 late charge will be assessed. NO WHERE DOES IT STATE THAT IT IS A NO GRACE PERIOD LOAN. I have never received documents exclusively from this company (Prestige Financial) and I have NEVER...NOT ONCE...received a monthly bill statement from them (either through regular mail or email). I would not even know what my account balance was if I hadn't created an account on their website.

And even that information is sparce and void of any details. I never signed anything with them exclusively, just the standard contract with the dealership. So...if my signed contract states 10 day grace period with $15 dollar late charge, doesn't that stand as legal precidence over their unsigned policy of no grace period?

I almost want to sue them for breach of contract. I think I will look into that tomorrow...

Review about: Prestige Financial Loan.

Monetary Loss: $13000.

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I'm in the same situation after the 100th time of being threatened that they would come take the jeep... i finaly had had it and told them to come get it !!!

they still refuse to come get it, And are sending me daily emails on behind payments wtf...

You wanted it so bad you asked for it 100 times here it is the keys are in it!!! :cry

Penn Yan, New York, United States #267314

They lie and will not show you why they charge so much extra feels and what they call penaltys, they harrass, hold your credit report hostage, and the bottom line is they don't care about their customers.

Beware they are not BBB accredited and have had 148 complaints in the last 36 months, to me this should be a red flag for somebody to step in and investigate this sorry excuse for a company!

Penn Yan, New York, United States #248594

They need to be reported to your states attorney general's office consumer division they can not do this and if you don't report them just posting here will only stay here! I reported them it took all of an hour but remember to send any correspondence through certified mail return receipt otherwise there is no back up, and attempt to record all phone call messages with them.


I've been a single MOm and heavy duty upsidedown on payments.. but made them for 4 year on a 2003 PT cruiser and they say I oowe them 8,000 still...

I piad 12? I finally can't make ends meet and they continually threatened to take my car if was ever going to be late due to emergency or child illness etc..Anyway Now I'm in financial hardship havent made a payment and asked them to take car I was filing bankrupcy.. And they Refuse to take car. Im not driving it it's in my driveway unisured and unregistered .

batteries dead now and Im moving . They still refuse to pick up a car they legally own ??

I just dont get it they threaten you to no end ..Then say they dotn want the car they want money .. I don't have .. I 'm not proud to be filing bankrupcy but I've raised 2 sons on my own with no help for 10 years and they wells run dry .

I cannot even suppor them and they are moving oout of the country with thier Dad. This company takes advantage of low credit scores and bangs up the intrest mine was 21%..

Anyone know how I can get these loosers to pick up the car ?? THEY OWN IT NOT ME ?


I can't even refinance this vehicle due to the fact that I am so upside down it isn't even funny. I have the credit to refinance, but I owe WAAAY more than what the car is worth due to the 28% interest I got stuck with when purchasing.

One thing I will take with me going forward in this hellish "learning experience" is to never purchase when desperate!

***, *** me! Now I am stuck with this until I win the lottery and pay it off...


Don't know the word for this company!

I feel I'm in a nightmare, I have finance 3 cars in my life and never experience such. My car was 17.000 paid 32 payments my balance now is 14.000 they claim due to late fees 6.86 a day you late after due date you are automatically charge 19 dollars.

The economy is really bad I paid my car due to the harrasment and then me and my sick mom and son will go get food from food bank. Being threatening they are going to pick up my car. I made a report to BBB now I'm filing a report with attorney general's office. Very hard to pay for a car you don't know when it will be paid off.

I can go back to the salesman and tell him he has ruined my life with this company.

I am fully responsible for having bad credit, if you have lost your job out your control and you pay anyway. Life can be so hard when everything happens and you have no control of it, Credit bad and people scams you, I rather walk then dealing with Prestige again.


I know what you mean. They say we are 4 payments behind and we have proof of every payment.They are crooks and they better watch themselves. i told them to come and pick it up.

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