I have to say that I recently purcahsed a 2011 Honda that was financed with Prestiage Fiancial in 2/2011. and I have to say that it was a wonderful experience from the very begenning.

I have never missed a payment in this short time but I will say that I have had to call them on several ocassions and for request and information and they showed me the utmost respect. Now however I have traded in the car that they financed and ended up going through another company, and i dearly wished I could have went back to prestiage.


Monetary Loss: $25000.

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Anybody with half a brain can differentiate between a real review and something written by a company employee or a media firm attempting to disguise a company. Really better than wells fargo?

for starters with wells fargo you have 5 days after the due date for them to recieve your payment. How many with prestige -1 why -1 because they will start calling you before the payment is due!


They were great in my 2 years with them and I always paid on time though. That rate reduction was great and I then bought a new car thru Wells Fargo- BIG difference and I say Prestige was 100% better.

The people mad are the ones not paying.

They are good to work with especially if you can't get anything else. I was so thankful to find a company like them to give me a chance while in bankruptcy in establishing my credit


Just wait it gets worse over time...Good luck...


I loath financing companies, but Prestige is the only one (so far) to treat me with dignity (so far). I make my payments on time each month and every time I have made a request from them, they have always been helpful. So far, I haven't been late, and I don't doubt if I am someday, I will regreat these flowery comments, but companies like Prestige have given many of us a second chance and they have stuck their necks out for us, so I can't fault them for being evil when money is owed to them or they'd be out of business.

Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #268503

You lie like a rug.

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