the people at prestige don't care about u r the economy, the y want there money no matter what. they r always threaghting me with action.

this is one of the worst finance companys that i have had to deal with. they're not very nice in the way they approach u at all. i make arrangment somtimes i dont have the money and if they put it through.

they call and give me a hard time no matter the explanation, are your cicumstances. these people go to sleep thinking they do a good job but they don't only if they were on the other end.

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Penn Yan, New York, United States #248640

They need to be reported to your states attorney general's office consumer division they can not do this and if you don't report them just posting here will only stay here! I reported them it took all of an hour but remember to send any correspondence through certified mail return receipt otherwise there is no back up, and attempt to record all phone call messages with them.


They may be finally repoing the car after almost 1 year of no payments, countless threats and even a home visit. I'm just waiting to be sued now....


I have financed several cars and PFS if THE WORST.. They call and bother you the day before the payment is due.

And if they don't here from you in 3 days they call everyone in your darn family.... They are HORRIBLE....


I was a good customer for them, always paid on time, made arrangements and kept them.

I was 4 days late....was told to make arrangements or go into coloection and if I didn't, my payment would dramatically increase for that month. I asked about a defferment or some type of help and they declined. Was told to refinancae it if I didn't like the terms.

Hummmm, sounds like a great idea except the vehicle was $12,000 upside down and as a consequence to the economy, there was NO trading or refinancing. I then asked ONE more time for some help and was told "Sorry, we have no programs".

Made arrangements, reversed them because I have no job or income and within 12 hours was already recieving a barage of harrasing calls. Now mind you, I am not even 30 days past due....

I understand they are a company that lends to people with credit issues, and that perhaps hard core collection is what works best for them. However, not in the case of a customer that has been paying on time for almost 3 years and not even 30 days. More particularily in an economic crisses as this. Mortgae companies are being forced to mitigate their notes and work with customers, why not vehicle lenders?

I tried to get some help from them and keep the gas guzzeling Chrystler Aspen in my driveway until I could sort things out and gain employment, however, I will not deal with a company with such unprofessional tatctics and ethics....I told them to pick up the vehicle as a voluntary repossision...will keep you posted.

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