They called my references BEFORE THEY CALLED ME! And told them it was prestige financial regarding my Corolla!

(my payment was 2 days late!)They violated my consumer rights by doing so!

when I called them they told me I obviously couldnt make my car payments, to get off the phone and borrow money from someone.. they said "Do you pay your house payment late?!" I told her I wanted to speak to her boss, she said she didnt have a boss, she said if i didnt want to talk to her to quit calling!By far the trashiest company I have EVER delt with!

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Penn Yan, New York, United States #248612

They need to be reported to your states attorney general's office consumer division they can not do this and if you don't report them just posting here will only stay here! I reported them it took all of an hour but remember to send any correspondence through certified mail return receipt otherwise there is no back up, and attempt to record all phone call messages with them.


So it isn't just me!!! This guy named Raul calls me everyday starting the first of the month, sends emails, texts messages..all kinds of ***...even AFTER I told him to never call me again and if he needed to communicate with me to email me, not text. I asked to have my payment date changed to the 9th of the month...apparently I need congress to sign off on that...He calls my references EVERY month...whether Im late or not..I don't need anyone telling me when my car payment is due...I am a grown up..I am well aware of when my bills are due!!


Well, I'm glad to know that it's not just me that they harrass. This is the worst and shadiest company I have ever seen.

Back in April I made three car payments, making the next payment due in July. Two days before the payment was due, they were calling my Mother and my Sister telling them when the last payment was made and everything. Then back in '08 I lost my job. So I'd told them that I'd make a payment on a particular day not realizing that I had an electric bill due at the same time.

When I called to make other arrangements, my account manager told me that I needed to pay them and I would have to make other arrangements to pay my electric bill.

Who do these people think they are? They're rude and I'm sure somewhere along the way they're violating laws with their antics.

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