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I am trying to get Prestige to come and get the car and they refuse! I asked them for a place to drop off the vehicle and they refuse to tell me where I can drop it off.

Also, they called a neighbor who they found through plot #'s and etc and they came to me and thought this company was disgusting.

Utah AG's office won't do nothing...we should consider a class action lawsuit! Everyone who has a harrassing story, email me and I will go to an attorney with the info and see what they say!

Product or Service Mentioned: Prestige Financial Loan.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #656060

Has anyone ever sued Presitage or made a report to a consumer agency?


I am currently trying to turn my car in to prestige and they will not tell me where to take. I am so fed up with the calls and threats. Please if anyone is looking for a class actiion lawsuit please send me an email


iam in houston tx i filed bankruptcy in 2010 and used prestige to secure a vehicle biggest mistake i ever made there over charging me for a 2009 car plus the tricked me into a 72 month deal and the harrasement is unbearable


I did buy the car in AZ but now am too far to return the vehicle. Do you know if I can drop it off at a dealership they give loans through?


If you want to drop the car off you can their location is 1300 South and I-15 they are right next door to the Zions Basketball Training Facility for the Utah Jazz. All of the companies are owned by the Larry H.

Miller Group ...

just drop the car in the Prestige parking lot put the keys under the mat and call your collections rep and let them know its outside. I did it BEST thing I EVER DID!

to Mad @ Prestige Durham, North Carolina, United States #599066

Hey I want to drop mine off I hate this company !! Lets get thier sorry no good for nothing ***

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