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I have a vehicle financed though Prestige three years ago and have made on time payments every month. I recently had surgery for a torn tendon on my foot and could not work. As a result i got behind on a payment. When i called to talk to a representative she was very snotty. I called back a week later to talk a different representative, although the situation was resolved i was subjected to a lecture and condescending attutude. I am a 58 years... Read more

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Prestige is such a bad company, if there is a class action lawsuit, I would love to be apart of it.

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If I could give zero stars I would. I am extremely disappointed with PFS. I have been a customer since 2010 and now that I owe right at $1000 on my loan random fees have appeared on my account. I had a really good experience until I was recently assigned a new account manager. I am being told that I owe $80 but no one can tell me what it is for. I have called customer service on several occasions. One person told me that it was applied... Read more

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I am not going to make this a long drawn out review, prestige is the worst finance company I have ever dealt with. I understand that they took a chance when other companies wouldn't, but in the same sentence this company treats it's customers like convicts, they talk to you like you don't know policies and they harass you. it's been multiple occasions when I told them to not contact my job and they did not pay attention to the notes and still... Read more

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If I had done research on the company I WOULD HAVE NEVER SIGNED ON THE LINE. Constant harassment, berating, disrespectful, rude, unprofessional, uncaring, liars i could go on and on. 2 years out i haven't touched principle and no one will refi. I fell like i have been ducked into a hole i can't get out of. I will tell them the day i will make payment and will argue that's not good enough. When i asked if she wanted me to try to s***... Read more

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Please, Please, shop first. Do not succumb to this greed. Worst rates, as well as the worst customer service I have EVER worked with. If Jason O. becomes your account manager you are screwed. A porcupine will provide you more with what you are needing. Additionally, if you have to have a conversation with Kara, buy some anti-venom first. One rude individual. I work in customer service and speak with any where from 140-150 cardholders daily,... Read more

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Prestige Financial Services is owned by Larry H. Miller? In Colorado there are several Larry H. Miller car dealerships. Seems like a HUGE rip off scam and conflict of interest to have someone who owns a bank selling 2nd change lending to high risk buyers. I am paying 21% interest on a car that cost me $21,500 and is literally worth $5,000 trade in. I am so very screwed on this loan that carries a payment of $517/month. I fell into the "what... Read more

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I recently purchased a vehicle 30 days ago for 16500.00. This 2014 Camry is already sputtering, having issues picking up speed, the battery repeatedly needed jumps and now it wont start at all, assuming its the alternator. The car dealership I purchased it from said, what would you normally do if you were having car troubles? You would get it fixed right? (Greenlight Auto ST. Charles, Mo.) I should get a battery replaced or alternator fixed when... Read more

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Prestige financial is made up of a bunch of greedy f****n a******s they do harass you even though you don't even have the car anymore. I traded my car in and was able to get away from these lousy mother******s and they can't communicate to get thier pay off. They text and ask me to do it! Who does that wtf. Then they threaten and put the blame on the dealership when I did my part and communicated with the dealership and relayed the message to... Read more

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The worst people ever the day after getting my car the lady called to go over my loan , that day I told her if this is the way people are treated I don't want the car come get it .... Should have went with my gut . They are *** they will lie to you threaten , make false statements even take payments without authorization . Gave them permission to pull a payment 3 days late 1 month and they used it 7 times ended up closing my account and payed... Read more

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