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Prestige financial is made up of a bunch of greedy f****n a******s they do harass you even though you don't even have the car anymore. I traded my car in and was able to get away from these lousy mother******s and they can't communicate to get thier pay off. They text and ask me to do it! Who does that wtf. Then they threaten and put the blame on the dealership when I did my part and communicated with the dealership and relayed the message to a rude prestige rep regarding when the payoff check was sent. I even provided the name and number... Read more

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The worst people ever the day after getting my car the lady called to go over my loan , that day I told her if this is the way people are treated I don't want the car come get it .... Should have went with my gut . They are *** they will lie to you threaten , make false statements even take payments without authorization . Gave them permission to pull a payment 3 days late 1 month and they used it 7 times ended up closing my account and payed with rush card every month after . Jared was assigned to my account and was such A *** I strongly... Read more

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This is a car loan service that should be put out of business and made to repay each customer they have ever had they are a horrible business I wouldn't recommend them to nobody at all under any means , I have filed several complains about them to the BBB in Salt Lake City. They call you at 9am in the morning your car note is due , they send me letters every month saying I have no Car Insurance and act like the Insurance Company told them so that's a lie I asked them to send me the paperwork stating that and they said they cant . ive had one... Read more

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I have to file bankruptcy because of these people. they take all the interests out of your loan first I had a car for 15,000 2 years later still owed almost 13,000 called 48 times in one day from blocked number emailed me text me messaged me on facebook. had to change my number they still got a hold of my new number and started all over again. telling me to ask friends and family for money saying they will call them and get them to make my payment they are the worst kind of people Read more

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This company is full of *** and all talk..Do not I repeat, do not try to talk with them to make any payment arrangements.they will not work with you, and will make plenty of threats, but want take action. I had to learn the hard way but now I know to just ignore both there calls, text, and make my car payments on the day I have the money and not the day they tell me to pay. This is a bogus company that will probable not be in busy long due to all the lawsuits pending against them..Do not let them stress you out they are all talk me I... Read more

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Horrible customer service. You need people on the phone that are trained and can help. Add comment

These people are a piece of work, i can and will take legal action on them. I live in Indiana and would like to know if anyone else has had to deal with their questionable business practices? I havent even made the second payment and i have been threatened by them when it states in my contract i have 10 days to make payment..these idiots even sent a notice to my home that i had defaulted.. Ive had enough already, constantly texting, calling and demanding i give them my account and CC information to secure payment. I didnt give it to them and i... Read more

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I have had the worst experience with this company. Since when is it okay to communicate through text messaging?! They are so irritating. I have always been on time with my payments and I have yet to see a change in my credit after reporting bankruptcy. They promised me that buy purchasing the 2008 Honda Accordand paying on time i will see a change. You would think after so much harassing they do,3 days before a note is due,something will change. Every month i have a new account manager,but they all harass you more and more. So tired of them.... Read more

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Prestige Financial practices harassment at its finest. They yext and email me the day before my payment is due. They call, text and email the day its due and if you get to 3 days late they start contacted your references. I have never dealt with a more uncaring, unprofessional company EVER!!!!! If you fall on hard times they are only concerned about scheduling your next payment nothing else. Add comment

I was behind on my payment, got written documentaton that so long I pay $270.00 by Dec 23rd (which I complied) my account would be held until the end of next month (meaning January) now because i dont have a permanent residential address but provided my work address, a collections president is sending a repo guy for my car, harassing me. Per the ftc so long as its a written agreement i am in compliance. I still keep getting emails and treats.... what can i do? Read more

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