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Horrible customer service. You need people on the phone that are trained and can help. Add comment

These people are a piece of work, i can and will take legal action on them. I live in Indiana and would like to know if anyone else has had to deal with their questionable business practices? I havent even made the second payment and i have been threatened by them when it states in my contract i have 10 days to make payment..these idiots even sent a notice to my home that i had defaulted.. Ive... Read more

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I have had the worst experience with this company. Since when is it okay to communicate through text messaging?! They are so irritating. I have always been on time with my payments and I have yet to see a change in my credit after reporting bankruptcy. They promised me that buy purchasing the 2008 Honda Accordand paying on time i will see a change. You would think after so much harassing they... Read more

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Prestige Financial practices harassment at its finest. They yext and email me the day before my payment is due. They call, text and email the day its due and if you get to 3 days late they start contacted your references. I have never dealt with a more uncaring, unprofessional company EVER!!!!! If you fall on hard times they are only concerned about scheduling your next payment nothing else. Add comment

I was behind on my payment, got written documentaton that so long I pay $270.00 by Dec 23rd (which I complied) my account would be held until the end of next month (meaning January) now because i dont have a permanent residential address but provided my work address, a collections president is sending a repo guy for my car, harassing me. Per the ftc so long as its a written agreement i am in... Read more

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I had an emergency last week and had to put my dog to sleep. Asked them not to take my payment. They aknolageed my request and asked me to call them as soon as I could to make a smaller payment. Was going to wait until today to call after I got paid and knew how much I could pay. They hit my account anyway for the full amount. He never said when to call, just to call before the end of the month.... Read more

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Please by all means get your loan refinanced! These people are a joke and UNPROFESSIONAL! I authorized a 1 time debit from my account, that payment was deducted plus another payment I did not authorize! Then admitted it was THEIR error but wanted me to submit bank statements so they could refund my money. Oh! and it will take 5 days to see....ummm.... I think NOT! it didn't take you 5 days to... Read more

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I had car accident that totalled my Car. Injurance paid them off. But i found out 6 years later that they took me to court charged me with civil court and i never got Served. I had to file Bankrupcy because as a low income single mom. All i can say, please don't go with them to get car financed. Add comment

This company is beyond pathetic!!!! A "Supervisor" by the name of Nathan called and starts belittling me because i cant make my payment that was due Oct 5th until the 30th he starts talking to me like im a child refuses to let me speak at all i was speaking with my main representive or account manager for the last week about the issue which she had been willing to work with me just didnt have a... Read more

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I am filing papers against this company Prestige Finance, writing attorney general and filing complaints with a couple of others. Am contacting an attorney to sue them. They barked up the wrong tree with me. Not a *** person and wont tollerate anything from them. Add comment

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